How To Install and Use Steam On Mac

If you are a gamer then you will know what steam is. Steam is an Ultimate gaming destination. it is a distributor that distributes games to users. It is the online gaming platform developed by the Valve Corporation. It works fine with all the operating systems. From Windows to Android and Mac to iOS, it provides its service in all operating systems. it is the largest digital distribution platform for games. The most interesting feature is that you can make friends on this platform why playing games.  You do not need to manually update any of the games as the application itself updates all the games automatically. It is the most popular application for PC and you can also use it on your Mac.

Many users want to play games on Steam. There are hundreds of games are available for Windows but a very small amount of games are there for Mac users. So Mac users have to use Steam to play games. Here is how you can download and use Steam on Mac.

How To Use Steam on MAC

Step 1- Click here to download steam.

Step 2- Click on the install steam button.

Step 3- Click on install steam now.

Step 4- Let your download finish.

Installation Guide

Step 1- Installation window opens click on the Agree button to agree with the terms and conditions of this application.

Step 2- Now drag the steam into the application folder.

Step 3- Close the window. This was the installation process of steam. Click on agree to install steam on Mac.

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Step 1- Now open the steam app from the launchpad.

Step 2- After that wait for steam to update.

Step 3- After which it will ask you to create a new account on login to an existing account.

create a new account steam mac

Step 4- Sign in to your account or do the necessary steps to create an account.

Step 5- After that click on Store.

Step 6- You can browse the store for the game you want. make sure it is compatible with your Mac. to check you can see that there is an Apple logo on the app which you can play on Mac.

Step 7- Click on the game which you want to download and click on add to cart.

Step 8- Purchase the game and fill out the payment information full stop after that click Continue.

Step 9- After this, your game is purchased and will start downloading. you can play it as soon as the download process finishes.


Steam also features the library application. you can go to the library tab in the app and can see all of your purchase games in one section you can also see what you have played lately. it will also show your achievements and the latest news regarding the game. it will also show your games installed on the Mac.

Steam Profile

You always need to set up your steam profile to get the advantages of the steam community stop you can chat with other peoples and create and join groups to stop but to avail this feature you need to set up your steam profile. helps you to find your friends on the steam community. also you can make new friends on this application.

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