How to Sync the iPhone to iTunes

iTunes is a software that provides the scope of downloading and organizing digital media collection such as music and video in the computer of users. The facility of this software is users can sync it to the portable device such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod. It is also a tremendous media player that allows users to listen to music and watching videos. By syncing, iTunes on portable device users can follow their favourite playlist anywhere. However, recently, various problems related to syncing are faced by many users. Here is a well-explained article related to how to Sync the iPhone to iTunes on Windows and Mac.

The solutions for fixing the issue are outlined below:

At first, users have to ensure iTunes is updated to the newest version. In some cases, due to the fault of USB cable and port syncing can be interrupted. Users can use the USB cable by changing the port or end of the USB cable to perform the desired task.

How to Sync the iPhone to iTunes

Users can reauthorize their computer to iTunes to avoid the not syncing problem. To reauthorize users have to update the application and click on the “Store” option. Then they can find the prospect of authorizing again. However, users have to deauthorize the computer before approving.

Another easy and common solution is rebooting the iOS device and computer. Users can follow the difficult reboot process to the device instead of the standard power-off process.

If users find the USB port or cable is not working correctly, they can also follow the wireless syncing process. For this process users have to connect computer and iOS devices through Wi-Fi and go through these steps as setting > General>iTunes Wi-Fi Sync> Sync now.

Use of iTunes and Process of syncing with iPhone

To enjoy the media organizing ability of iTunes, users have to sync with the iPhone and other portable iOS devices. By syncing, users can access enjoy the media content from a computer on the mobile device in any place. Besides, the facility of enjoying content on a portable device can be located on some Apple authorized phones which not run over iOS even. The following steps can be followed to sync the iTunes with iPhone.

  • Users have to open iTunes and connect with the computer through the USB cable.
  • Then they have to tap on the device icon which appears in the upper-left corner of the iTunes window.
  • By taping on the setting option in the left window, users can select the preferable media to sync.

  • To select the media item, users have to tap on the checkbox that is available before the particular subject.
  • Then users have to tap on the Apply option.
  • Syncing will start automatically; if not started, users have to tap on the Sync option.

Users can also sync iTunes through Wi-Fi and for this users have to connect the device through USB cable and tap on the “Sync with this device over “Wi-FI” in the setting option.

The backup process with iTunes

Data loss is a common incident for digital devices and to protect valuable data from it, backup is significant. Backup is a process of creating another copy of selected files or data with the aim of recovering those data if original data is damaged or lost. There are three standard processes available to backup an iPhone such as iCloud Backup, iTunes backup, and Acronis True Image. Among these processes, iCloud and iTunes is a much dependable process with few advantages. A range of iPhone users follows the iTunes backup because they use it to buy applications, music, and books from Apple Stores.

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iTunes is a little more feasible than iCloud because it creates a backup of photos, media contents even they are not bought from iTunes. Besides, it creates a backup of messages, calls logs, application data and setting, phone settings, calendar, also bookmarks. The only drawback of iTunes is it does not let the users copy files and data to the cloud. Generally, a PC device has sufficient space to store the data of an iPhone device, and this process is fast. The following steps users need to follow to create a backup iPhone.

  • Users have to connect the iPhone to the PC or Mac.
  • Then iTunes needed to be synced between PC device and iPhone.
  • iTunes can ask for a passcode to authorize the respective PC device. Users can follow other onscreen steps if they forget their iTunes passcode.
  • After syncing users’ iPhone devices appears on iTunes and users, they have to tap on their device.
  • To start the backup manually, Users can click on the “Backup Now” option that is available on the summary page of the particular device. If users want to start the backup automatically, then they have to enable the “This computer” button.

The Common Reasons for not Syncing iTunes to iPhone and Solutions

There is a lot of reason for not syncing the iTunes with iPhone. The most possible and common reasons are outlined below:

If the iTunes application is updated to the latest version, then the syncing process can be interrupted. Then users have to update iTunes app.

A common reason is data synced with iCloud. If the iPhone is synced with iCloud, it will not allow iTunes for syncing. In this case, users have to switch off the selected contents from the setting to stop the sync with iCloud.

Unable to detect a particular device is also a common reason. Several reasons can cause it, and one of them is the fault in USB cable or port. Here, users can follow Wireless syncing or reboot both devices and reconnect them to eliminating device detection problems. Users also can use check the USB port or use the different USB cable.

Process of Syncing Apple Music from iPhone to iTunes

In spite of syncing with iTunes or iCloud, there are other processes to keep the music library. If users do not subscribe to Apple Music, the music sync can be done through iTunes. Users can sync Apple music to their iPhone by paying some money like $9.99 per month.

Then users need to update their device to the latest version of iOS, which allows turning on the music library automatically. Manually, users have to click on setting and then music to find the Apple music option. Users need to turn on the “Show Apple Music”, “Add Playlist Songs and “Sync Library”. Otherwise, users can subscribe to iTunes Match which can access the music library in any apple device or PC.

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