Best Snipping Tools for Mac to Capture Screenshot

The snipping tool for Mac allows a user to take a screenshot of any part of your Macbook window screen. For windows user, it comes in four formats: Free-form Snip, Rectangular Snip, Window Snip, and Full-screen snip. And after taking a screenshot you can edit it later too.

For windows users, it is a helpful application while people with MacOs have to struggle for snip and paste.

If you want to use snipping tools for mac, check out the list below with their functionalities and choose the right one for self.

Are all the snipping tools the same?

Before downloading any of the external snipping tools for Mac, you should check its features thoroughly.

Some of the tools let you only take screenshots of a full desktop, while some give an option to capture a selected area. Similarly some zooms into the areas required to capture and add text, graphics, and effects to the screenshot.

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How to Take Screenshots in Mac

If you want to capture a screenshot on Mac, try Grab tool i.e. a built-in tool in Mac.

Here are the steps to be followed:

1. Open your desired Mac Snipping Tool for capturing Screenshots.

2. Select the mode of Capture (Entire Screen, Window, Rectangular, Free Form, etc.).

3. Where it is required, select the area of the screen to be captured using the crosshair.

4. Click on Capture.

5. Annotate your image (if functionality exists), or edit it with the tools present in your Snipping Tool equivalent.

6. Save your image with the desired Format.

Note: Once you take a screenshot, simply press Command + Shift + 3 + Control to copy it to the clipboard.

Snipping Tools for Mac
Best Snipping Tools for Mac in 2020

Microsoft has launched a new tool called Snipping Tool with the launch of Windows 7. And later it was updated with Windows 10 with new features. If you are using Mac then you cannot find Snipping Tool because it is not available for Mac. But there are many Mac Snipping Tools available for free.

Snipping tool is one of Microsoft’s most famous applications, But what if you want to use Snipping Tool on Mac? Read on to understand how to take screenshots on Mac using Mac Snipping Tools.

1. SnagIt

This tool lets you capture the desktop easily and this tool is not restricted to snapshots but gives an option to record screen as well.

It has plenty of impressive features.


1. Captures desktop
2. Can take a screenshot of scrolling screens with ease
3. Captures video stills
4. Creates gifs from captured screens
5. Image editing
6. Add text, stamps, shapes, and emoji
7. Capture the full desktop or a particular window

2. Lightshot

Lightshot can’t be left behind when talking about snipping tools on Mac. It offers a variety of features for user experience. It is a fast performing tool. It enhances the image with different effects.


1. Captures screen using a drag-and-select feature
2. Finds similar image after you capture a screenshot
3. Use various image-enhancing tools to enhance your images
4. Can share your images easily with your friends on social media
5. Simple and intuitive user interface
6. Cross-platform is available in Mac, Windows, and Chrome OS

3. Jing

Jing is another helpful snipping tool for Mac. This tool helps in sharing snapshots, captures screen records, and creates an animated gif. It is easy to use the tool.


1. Captures active window
2. Takes a screenshot of scrolling windows
3. Captures full desktop, active window, or only the selected area
4. Records your desktop screen.
5. Screenshots are easy to share with your friends and can be sent via email
6. Tons of visual effects to add to your captured images

4. ScreenCloud

It is one of the most used tools. It allows you to capture and share screens. It is different from others as it enables cloud sharing. You can upload images to the cloud and can share the URL with friends.


1. Snip and share your screen with ScreenCloud
2. Installation not required as the tool works as a browser extension
3. Uploads images to ScreenCloud website for quick sharing
4. Share your screenshots on Dropbox and another website
5. Use the drag-and-select feature to capture exactly the area of your desktop you need
6. Use a hotkey or simply click on the screenshot button in your browser
7. Easy to save images on your desktop

5. CloudApp

It is a fast performing Mac Snipping tool that captures and records the desktop screen. Users have an option to protect it with passwords. Another interesting feature is highly organized.


1. It has faster access
2. Annotations can be added to the captured screen.
3. Large files with different extensions can be uploaded in the drive.
4. The uploaded file can be shared with other users.
5. You can apply the password for protection in CloudApp


On MacOs one can take screenshots either by using a built-in tool or can use the external application. Even on the internet, there are tons of snipping tools and one has to choose the tool after reviewing all the features and requirements for self-use.

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