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Siri For Android – Best Siri Alternative for Android Phones

Our phones have evolved over time. Since the time it came out, and the time now, there seems to be a heightened growth. One can’t even imagine how vast the changes have been. Who could have imagined that a phone could talk, keep reminders, and make reservations for you? It surely has come a long way. And, that’s not it, mobile phones will keep on developing. Before we forever close our eyes, our phones will have transformed into something new altogether. That’s the rule of life. Change and acceptance, go hand in hand. And, this brings us to the topic of discussion, best Siri alternatives for Android Phones. Here you shall find a list of replacement that would be suited for Siri for Android.


Phones today are very well equipped with artificial intelligence which works to understand your voice commands. And, one of the best artificial managers is Siri. It is solely related to Apple iPhones. But what about people with Android phones? Well, they need not worry because I have got their backs.

Best Siri alternatives for Android Phones

So, without any further ado, let us get to them.

1. Google Assistant

Everyone knows about Google Assistant and why wouldn’t they? It is the IT thing for Android users. Some say that it is even better than a “hypothetical” Siri Android Program. So, reader, if you are looking for the best Siri Alternative for Android Phones, then Google Assistant is just the thing for you. The interesting factor is that when you ask Google Assistant some questions, it will answer the questions in the form of illustrations and voice.

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2. Cortana

The next one in line, which makes up for Siri for Android is, Cortana. It gives fierce competition to Google Assistant. You would be impressed to know that you can send text messages from your laptop if at all you miss a call on your phone. If you wish to talk to your laptop, then you can do it the same way you talk to your phone. Cortana is a good companion for Amazon Echo devices and should be encouraged if you wish to have an interaction with your PC and your Xbox.

3. Amazon Alexa

When it comes to Siri for Android or best Siri alternatives for Android Phones, then you should try Amazon Alexa. The android app of this beauty could stream a playlist for you, tell you the weather, read headlines of a newspaper for you and even fancy you a joke. How interesting and efficient is that? If you don’t have Amazon products, then you shouldn’t be disheartened because it is also available for Android phones too.

4. Lyra

When it is about Siri alternatives for Android phones, then you should also try Lyra. It was formerly known as Indigo and first appeared in the year 2013. You would be delighted to know that if you use this option, then you will be able to hold conversations with Lyra across multiple devices. If you log in through your PC or just download the app then, the assistant would be able to pick up the conversation from the last segment, regardless of where you are. The best part is that you can interact with it using 70 languages.

When it comes to appearances, then the makers have kept it simple which will nudge you along through suggestions. You would be able to read the news, translate speech and even listen to music.


You should also try AIVC as it would be a good match for your choice. It is best fitted for users who like customizability. The developers provide its users with a free as well as a pro version of the Android Assistant. Alice can work to assist you with calls, text messages, and emails. What’s more is the fact that Alice will help you with translations, navigations, alarms, and even timers.

6. Andy

This one is bound to impress you because this assistant can solve algebra questions, and give you unit conversations. If you wish to ask a command or a question, then you simply have to tap on the mic button of the app, present on the home screen. You can even allow the “Shake Recording” option which means that your assistant will get triggered.

7. Dragon Mobile Assistant

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If you wish to have something which gives the essence of a corporate interface and sans any privacy concerns then you have come to the right place. Dragon Assistant which is a product of Nuance is just the thing you are looking for in an assistant. It is a middle ground between a mega-corporation and a hobbyist. This tool would respond to “Hello Dragon.” Even though the layout is which that doesn’t seem to be conversational, but it can answer your basic questions like, weather, general facts, and what is the height of Mount Everest?

Dragon makes use of its own voice dictation engine so you would feel that this assistant does a better job at picking your voice than Google.

8. Smart Voice Assistant

The last one in the list of best Siri alternatives for Android Phones is Smart Voice Assistant. When you download it, you will be greeted with a list of features which you can activate through voice commands and gives you the freedom to assign your own custom keywords. This process might seem too much of a task, but once you are done with it, you would know what exactly your system is capable of doing.
The app keeps on running in the background, so this would make it easy for you to give commands. If you wish you can even dictate text messages and read back the responses.

So, here were some of the best Siri alternatives for Android. I hope this solves your queries. If you still have some, then you can drop me a mail or leave a comment in the comment section down below.
Thank you for reading. Until next time!

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