How to Set Up and Use iMessage on iPhone and iPad

iMessage is a built-in messaging application for iOS users from version 5 onwards. Through iMessage, one can send instant messages to iPhones (supporting iMessage), iPads, and iPods through Wi-Fi or with an active data plan. Through iMessage, we can send media files, audios, documents, contacts, locations across any iOS device.

But the method receiving the iMessage should have iOS version 5 or more. Also, non-iOS devices won’t be able to receive an iMessage.

iMessage is a default messaging app for Apple users. It lets Apple users send and receive messages using the Internet on iOS devices including the iPhone, iPad, and Macbooks. But before you start using it, you have to set up iMessages for your iPhone.

Here is a complete guide on how to set up and Activate iMessage on your iPhone or iPad.

 Till now if you haven’t set up your iMessage in your iOS, it will barely take a few minutes, and later you will be able to use it after that.

How to Use iMessage on iPhone and iPad

 The process of setup is easy, quick, and mostly the same for all the iOS devices.

If you haven’t come upon iMessage as a part of iOS, nonetheless, you need to take a few minutes to do so.

It’s very easy and well worthwhile; we’ll walk through the setup.

 Setting Up iMessage in iOS

 The setup process is quick and essentially the same on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch:

Tap on Settings and scroll down and faucet on Messages. Or you can open it from Applications. Many users are still asking how to set up iMessage on the iPad. Note that, iPhone and iPad, both follow the same process for activating iMessage.

If you are new then you have to Enter your Apple ID and Password.

Note: iMessage will attempt to retrieve your phone number or Apple ID (or both for iPhone users) automatically.

 You have an option to edit this data, or if you’re using an iPad or iPod, you have to enter an Apple ID manually. And in case you don’t have an Apple ID, you can make a new one by tapping on “Create New Account.”

Switch the ON/OFF icon displayed next to ‘iMessage’ and make it’s ON.

Once you are done with setting up iMessage, you are all set to use it.

1. Send iMessage using Message App: messages are sent in the same way a text message is sent. IMessage will be collected as a conversation in the messaging app. 

2. IMessage is delivered to other iOS devices only if they are connected to the internet and also iMessage is blue in color.

How to Enable iMessage

Just open iMessage App from Application or Spotlight Search and then go to Preferences from the menu bar and then go to iMessage icon beside General.

Check “Enable this Account”.

How to send and receive iMessage

iMessage can be sent either by phone number or by email id. All you need to do is set up the address you want to use for iMessage.

Open Applications and then find “Messages.” Or use Spotlight search and search for imessage.

Just click on the small icon (Note pen icon) and then in the right side windows, enter the Apple ID of another user. Type a message and click on Send,

Like SMS, iMessage is sent through the messaging app.

The type of message the receiver will get depends on the color of the send button. If it is green in color, it will be sent as a message while the blue colored button will symbolize that it will be an iMessage for the receiver too.

If you want to attach any file then just drag and drop it to message box. It will be automatically uploaded.

More on iMessage

You can attach pictures, videos, media, and locations to your message. For sending a message with media files, you will not be charged on your plan; instead, you will need Wi-Fi or internet connection for it. Also, voice messages can be sent by iMessage, but this requires both the phone to be updated to iOS 8 and more. You can form and leave conversations; you can mute the messages you want to get rid of.

Can i use imessage on iPad without an iPhone?

Yes, you can easily use iMessage on the iPad. You will only need Apple ID and Password.

Send a text message from iPad to non-iPhone

You cannot use iMessage to send a text message to another Smartphone. Instead, you can use normal message that is using your cellular network to send messages. iMessage will only work with the iOS operating system. For More Details, check Best iMessage Alternatives for iOS/iPhone/Mac.

You can also troubleshoot the issues while sending messages like if you are facing troubles while sending iMessage or want to change the settings or switching into a non-iOS device, you can disable your iMessage account. All these things can be done easily without any hurdles.

iMessage can be sent with devices having iOS 5 or more and through these messages; we can send audio, videos, images, maps, location and voice messages without affecting tariff plans and with using the internet. Moreover, troubleshooting is also for iMessage so sending messages from one iOS to another is a good alternative.

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