10 Best PDF Editors for Mac

PDF is one of the most used file formats apart from txt and word. PDF stands for portable document files, used in most business and education categories. Now when it comes to editing documents like word or text files, we have many tools like notepad and Microsoft word. But when it comes to PDF, we don’t have any certain tools. If you want to edit PDF on your Mac then this article will help you.

If you want to edit PDF files on your Mac then you have only two options – Edit PDF using online apps or use a PDF app on Mac. Online PDF conversion sites are free to use but they have their advantages like ads. We assume you’ve already tested these sites. So we will talk about PDF Editor apps for Mac, that you can use to edit and convert PDF files.

List of best PDF Editors for Mac

Here we round up some best Mac PDF editors for Mac users only. Some of these softwares are free and paid.

1. Preview (Built-in App for PDF Preview)

macOS has a built-in app called Preview, that allows you to access PDF files on your Mac. The tool also allows you to make changes to any PDF file, including edit text, highlight text, comments, and more. You can sign a PDF document with this app. Not only text, but you can add images with the preview app.

2. Adobe Acrobat Pro

Adobe is popular for its image and video editing applications like Photoshop, excel, and word. But Adobe also has PDF editor software called Adobe Acrobat. It is a paid PDF editor software, available for Windows and Mac. It helps you to create awesome documents and later edit them. You can directly send your document to others using its sharing feature. One of the key features of Adobe Acrobat is its security. It protects your documents with a secure password and no one can crack passwords. So you don’t have to worry about your secure information.

3. PDF Expert

PDF Expert

PDF Expert is my go-to suggestion for anybody looking for a solid PDF editor for Mac. It’s simple, intuitive, and fully feature-rich at the right spots with all the correct features at hand. Aside from PDF editing, this software also performs better with both the PDF viewing experience as well. When you use this on your Mac, you’ll never get lost in PDFland again. This is by far the best free pdf editor for Mac if you’re looking for a simple utility that can perform multiple functions. This editor has been around for quite some time, so you know that it’s an application created by a professional company. So you can trust its functionality and features.

One of the best things about PDF experts for Mac is its outstanding drawing tools. You can draw and crop, flip, highlight, or even drop shadows on any element of your PDF files. The best thing about this is that you don’t need to learn any complicated features to get great results. Everything you need to know about drawing in PDF is right here.

You can edit your PDF documents with ease so that you’ll have no problem sharing your documents with your friends or submitting them to a number of different venues. With a PDF editor like this, you can change the formatting, color, size, and even the theme of your PDF documents easily, without learning any complex or advanced features. You can also use it to create tabs in your documents for easy reference.

You can easily edit text, images, or links even if you are a newbie. The only drawback is, it is paid tool.

Get PDF Expert ($79.99 for 3 Macs)

4. PDFpen

PDFpen is a very simple PDF editor app for editing and highlighting text. You can also edit, resize images, move, and copy images. If you want advanced features like OCR then use the PDFpen Pro version.

You can use PDFpen to export PDF files to Word so that you can edit them easily.

Get PDFpen or PDFpen Pro

5. PDFelement

PDFelement has easy to use interface, offers professional editing. You can quickly edit any text or image file with PDFelement on your Mac. You can search in your PDF file using OCR technology. It supports more than 20 different languages.

6. ABBYY FineReader

With ABBYY FineReader, you can extract text from any PDF file with OCR. Also, you can manage tables and images on your PDF file. It has many options including font sizes, headers, footers, tables, and graphs.

It has a built-in image editor to edit PDF images and make your PDF searchable.

7. PhantomPDF

PhantomPDF is a cloud-based service that you can use to manage and edit your PDF files. It offers so many options that include adjusting text flow across multiple pages, edit paragraphs, move text boxes, and change size. You can also search through your PDF. Also, you can create online PDF virtually and merge them or split them all.

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