How to Move Mac files to Windows PC

Looking for fastest way to transfer files from Mac to Windows? Welcome to our blog post. Here we are sharing how we can Move Mac files to Windows PC or Laptop easily with faster transfer speed.

macOS and Windows are two different Operating system and their functionalities are different. When one decides to switch between the Mac and Windows it becomes a bit difficult to transfers the important files from one to another. Even though both the OS supports some similar kind for applications but few files are difficult to transfer.

Move Mac files to Windows

Now coming to the part that how to transfer files from Mac to Windows, Here’s a quick for every file be it be music, photos, documents, etc.

Photo and Videos

The main difference between a window and mac OS in the arrangement of photos and videos is unlike windows i.e. In windows, all the photos and videos are arranged in folder format while in Mac doesn’t organize photos in folders. This can be a different approach both the users switching into one another.

Method: iCloud

Now transferring of media can be easy since iCloud is now available on windows too. If you are storing all the media files on iCloud you can directly download all these files to windows.

But if you don’t use iCloud, you have to use File, Export, and Export Unmodified Original option in Photos on your Mac to get pictures to a FAT32-formatted external hard drive that will work with both macOS and Windows. There’s one more alternative to move your media files and that is Google Drive. You can upload everything on Google drive and later can retrieve media from it. Just make sure there’s a Google Photos folder visible in Google Drive, which you can set from the Google Drive settings on the web.

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iTunes, music, and movies

Even iTunes is available on windows so after logging with Apple ID you can straightway watch, listen or download anything you purchased through iTunes. For the music and movies you’ve imported on self you have to rely on an external hard drive for transferring process.

You can find where your iTunes folder is located by choosing Preferences from the iTunes menu then opening the Advanced tab.

Everything you need will be in this folder, as long as you’ve got the Copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding to library box ticked.

If you haven’t, you need to consolidate your library first. You can do this by choosing File, Library, Organize Library, and then ticking the Consolidate files box.

The advantage of metadata (playlists and movie lists) is it can be carried over at the same time, but one thing to remember that iTunes can be used once at a time.

Applications and Documents

Web applications like Netflix, YouTube will automatically restore when you switch from Mac to Windows. Same for Gmail and so on will work wherever\r you have access to the web browser. Chrome, Firefox, and opera work on both Mac and Windows.

When switched to windows instead of iWork or garage band you have to work on Microsoft Office. And to move the documents from mac you first have to convert them in windows compatible format and later they maybe are uploaded into Google Drive/iCloud or can be transferred through the hard drive.

Emails and Contacts

In a hurry to switch don’t forget to shift emails as well. If you are using web mails like Gmail, you just need to log in into windows browser and you’re all done. And if using iCloud you can access it on windows too. In both the cases, contacts are synced with the account and you can get your data back.

How do I move files from Mac to PC?

There are many ways to move files from Mac to Windows PC. Read this article.

Can I transfer files from Mac to PC via external hard drive?

Yes, you can transfer files using an external hard drive.

Can Mac files be opened on PC?

Yes, Mac files which have dmg extension will not open in Windows. Except for that, txt, word, excel will open on Windows.

How do I share files from Mac to Windows?

You can use iCloud, Google Drive or external hard drive to share files from Mac to Windows.


One can easily switch from Mac to Windows with different kind of configurations like how you want your windows to work and how your Mac should be configured.

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