MacOS Could Not Be Installed On Your Computer – Solved

MacOS is the most likeable OS for today’s peoples. But, many people have the query on macOS could not be installed on your computer after the update this, most of the peoples face this error while installing updates.

This error could be occurring because of a lot of different reasons. Lots of Mac owners have reported they can’t upgrade their Macs and they have a warning message saying “macOS couldn’t be installed on your computer“. This appears to be an issue when Apple releases a software upgrade. Tech experts say as storage system fails to confirm on your Mac.

MacOS Could Not Be Installed On Your Computer – Fixed

It pops up when you are trying to upgrade your Mac system, but can not finish the process. This problem may be faced by you when you are installing upgrades. But there are methods to fix this issue. In this guide, we’ll show you how you can solve the MacOS Could Not Be Installed On Your Computer error.

But don’t worry if your macOS could not be installed on your computer high sierra I’m here to fix this problem with the most popular methods.

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1. Check Date and Time

Most of the time the user does not check the Date and Time of their system while installing MacOS and it is important to set the correct Date and Time at the time of installing MacOS.

Step 1:- Go to System Preferences.

Step 2:- Check the Date and time of your MacOS if it is incorrect then click on the lock to enable the changes.

Step 3:- You can also set the Date and Time to be automatic by enabling the Set date and time automatically option.

2. Check the Storage of your Mac

Check that your computer has enough space in Hard Disk. It is required to take a 15-20 GB space available for this purpose. You can delete some useless files from your computer, or if have all the files which are useful to you then you can take the backup of it to iCloud or Download any junk files clearing application to rid off all the junk files from your computer.

3. Download the Update Directly from the official Apple Site

According to this is the best and the safest way to update your MacOS. It takes some extra time, but you will not face any type of error while updating from the Apple official site.

If you don’t want to get frustrated by updating or installing MacOS and have some extra time, then you can follow the below steps to update your MacOS from the official site of Apple.

Step 1:- Press and Hold the Options Button and then go to the Mac icon and then click on Restart.

Step 2:- Now the window of Startup Disk be will be shown to you. Select the Main Hard Drive.

Now, your mac will start Booting.

Step 3:- Open you safari Browser and follow the below link:-

Step 4:- After clicking on this link, you will get the list latest MacOS Update. Choose the latest and download it.

Step 5:- Once it is downloaded open it and install it. The update will start, and it will take some time waiting for it. Your mac will get the latest version now.

4. Restore NVRAM

NVRAM is the memory which stores some chunk settings of your computer like, date, display resolution and more. The NVRAM stands for non-volatile random-access memory. So, there may be chances that you are getting the error due to NVRAM because it’s is setting may be wrong.

You can reset the NVRAM setting by below steps:-

Step 1:- Firstly, press and hold the power button of your mac to shut it down and again press and hold the power button to turn it ON.

Step 2:- Now, press 4 keys together, Option+ Command + R + P for 15-20 seconds. Now the startup will start.

Step 3:- After startup finished Go to System Preferences to make any changes to any restores setting.

Now, after doing this, you can try to install the macOS on your computer.

5. Third Party KEXT Files

KEXT files are added to your computer when the third-party devices are connected to a computer like a pen drive, phones etc. If your problem is still not solved, then it is because of KEXT third party files are present in your computer and you are getting the error like macOS could not be installed on your computer high sierra. So, follow the steps to fix this error.

Step 1:- Open terminal in your Mac.

Step 2:- Type this, it will help to reveal all 3rd party extensions.

Kextstat / grep –v

Now, you can remove the 3rd party extensions from your Mac.

Step 3:- If the file names for example “Funny’’ then rename the code as

      sudo kextunload /System/Library/Extensions/LAUNCH.kext

Now, try to install the updates.

Final Words

I hope your problem is solved and you have successfully installed the updates of your MacOS with the latest version.

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