iPhone Not Connecting to WiFi? – How to Solve

If you are an iPhone user and reading this article then consider yourself lucky. Because you are definitely connected either to a wi-fi or data connection. But sometimes iPhone users complain about not being able to connect to the wi-fi. There are numerous wifi connection related issues of wifi that an iPhone user faces like not able to connect to any wifi connection, not able to connect to a particular wifi connection only, facing iPhone not connecting, etc. So if you are such iPhone users, this article is a lifesaver for you. Here we are going to discuss all such wifi connection issues along with their fixes and troubleshooting techniques. Let’s get started…

Toggling the Airplane mode can be quite powerful, and it will be able to help you fix the issue. Another alternative is to buy a wireless extender that could extend the selection of your wireless device, so it’s strong throughout your whole home or apartment. Since you can see, there are several wifi configuration possibilities accessible to suit your unique needs. You shouldn’t be concerned; however, if you return to the wifi settings and still observe the network, you just specified needs to be forgotten.

How to Fix iPhone not connecting to WiFi Issue

You may use another iPhone and use it as a hotspot so your iPhone can connect to its hotspot apart from the wifi network you need to avoid. Your phone will restart in this approach. In case the other phone is also popping up the exact same trouble, then you need to restart the router of your house.

Issue #1: Know the password but cannot connect

If you know the password and still cannot connect to a particular network then there may be a possibility of the wrong password been saved in your device. The appropriate fix for this issue is given as a stepwise process below:

Fix #1:

Step 1: ​Go to ​Settings > Wifi.

Step 2: ​Tap on the network name and select “​Forget This Network​”.

Step 3: ​The saved password for this network on your device would be deleted.

Step 4: ​Tap on the network name again. This time it will ask for the password.

Step 5: ​Simply enter the password and click “​Connect​”. That’s it. Problem solved!

Bonus Tip: ​If your problem still persists, then it is possible that the password has been changed and you aren’t aware of the new password.

Issue #2: If your iPhone connects to wifi but the network keeps on dropping

Some iPhone users complain about slow network or wifi network dropping every time they try to connect. The solution to this issue is as follows.

Fix #2:

A very common fix for the above issue is to turn the wifi off and wait for a couple of seconds. Your issue must have been fixed by this. In case your issue still persists, here is another solution, go to iPhone settings> wifi and toggle the button next to it for a couple of times. This would definitely solve this issue.

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Issue #3: iPhone not connecting to any network at all

If you have tried all the above fixes and your iPhone cannot connect to any shown wifi network, then the fix given below may solve your problem.

Fix #3:

Try to toggle the Airplane mode. This may sound odd to do but it has proven to fix the wifi connection issue in many cases. Simply go to Setting > Airplane Mode. Turn it on and wait for 30 seconds and then turn it off. Try to connect to the wifi again. Repeat the process 2-3 times if the result isn’t shown instantly.

Fix #3:

If the fix explained above does not work out for you. Then here is the bonus fix for your issue.

Follow the steps as follows:

Step 1: ​Go to iPhone Settings > General.

Step 2: ​Now locate and choose ‘Reset’

Step 3: ​Under ‘Reset’, select ‘Reset All Settings

Step 4: ​Now you can see ‘Reset Network Settings’. Simply choose this option and ‘Confirm’ your action.

Keep in mind: ​While performing this fix, just keep in mind that resetting your network settings will erase your network preferences, saved network passwords, etc. So after executing this process, it would ask you for a password. Simply enter the password and you are good to go.

Issue #4: Simple rebooting doesn’t fix the wifi connection issue

There are instances when something goes, we either turn the device off and turn it on or we just simply reboot the device to fix the issue. This technique sometimes works as well. But what if this trick doesn’t work. Then the fix below might be the solution for you.

Fix #4:

Instead of a simple reboot, you may give a chance to ‘hard reboot’. If you are not sure about this then here is the stepwise guide as given below:

Step 1: ​Simply hold down the ‘Home’ button and the ‘Sleep/Wake’ button at the same time for a while.

Step 2: ​Keep depressing both buttons until the screen turns black and apple icon shows up.

Step 3: ​As soon as you see the apple logo release both buttons.

Step 4: ​You are done with hard resetting your iPhone.

Issue #5: None of the common tricks works out and cannot wifi

Until now, we told you about all the common tips and tricks to fix iPhone not connecting to wifi. If there is a situation when none of the above fixes solve your issue, then no need to worry there is a possibility of software glitch on your device. How to fix this? Well, there is a program dedicated to your problem known as FoneDog for iPhone not able to connect to wifi. FoneDog is an iPhone toolkit for iOS system recovery. Here is the process of using it to fix the issue.

Fix #5:

FoneDog is such a toolkit program that can solve many problems of your iOS device like wifi

connection issue, apple logo looping, frozen or unresponsive screen, device stuck in Recovery

mode, data loss on iPhone device, etc.

Here is the stepwise process of using it.

Step 1: ​Download the FoneDog and Install it.

Step 2: ​Open the FoneDog and choose the option

Step 3: ​Select the Firmware package.

Step 4: ​Complete the repair process of ‘Repairing my phone not connecting to wifi’.

Step 5: ​And then you are good to go.

Problems with iPhones are simpler to diagnose, thus we’ll start there. It is possible to also fix this issue by resetting your network settings and this technique is quite useful and can be used to fix other iPhone wifi problems also. There are various things that may cause wifi connection troubles. If you are going through wifi problems on your iPhone, you’re not the just one.

Try these solutions to fix iPhone not connecting to WiFi and comment below.

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