Top 5 Best iMessage Alternatives for iOS/iPhone/Mac

Everyone knows the power of messaging. We are constantly texting people and why wouldn’t they? Instant messaging took over the world. I have been addicted to texting since I was fifteen. I remember what a great feeling it was. Since then many such apps have cropped up. We don’t have limited options anymore. Isn’t that great? We don’t have to stick to one particular thing for long. Well, if you ask me that is fueling our already so gullible minds. This seems depressing, but when we think about it, then it is the sad reality of life. Things are and will be the way they are, but that story is for a different day. I will not bore you with it any longer than it is required. Today, we have to discuss iMessage Alternatives for iOS/Android. It seems to be a good topic because there are many options if you ask me. And, that is precisely why we are here.

So, without any delay, let us get to it.

iMessage Alternatives in 2019

The iMessage app on the iPhone is an amazing messaging app and there are a lot of reasons why iPhone user loves it. Therefore, if you’re moving to Android from an iOS device or whether you’re just on the lookout for an Android app that’s comparable to iMessage. Keep in mind that iMessage is more than only an app, it’s a service. Fornutanlty, there are lots of apps like iMessage instant messenger from which you can pick the ideal app for your phone or tablet. Furthermore, the application saves your delivery report and other info to produce the messaging experience simpler. There are Android users who wish to install and use iMessage but the issue is that iMessage is only limited to iPhone and it isn’t readily available for Android devices. Only an Apple device user receives the privilege to use it.

1. Facebook Messenger

The first option that we have in the list of iMessage Alternatives is, Facebook Messenger. I have put it on this list because it shares a lot of similarities with iMessage. Other than the features of sending text messages, voice and video messages and calls, there is one fantastic feature of paying your friends. This feature is limited to the US at the moment. Let us see when this expands to other places. Did you know that Facebook Messenger has its own app store and works to support many sticker packs? More than that, Messenger has GIF keyboards like Bitmoji, QuizChat, Memes and many such cool options. Now you can make use of the app to send SMS on Android devices. If you want you can gain access to it through PC or Mac.

2. Telegram

The next app that we have on the list of iMessage alternatives for iOS/Android is Telegram. It is not an unknown fact that Telegram has been doing the rounds of the market since quite a while now. It poses as an excellent alternative for iMessage too. The messages on Telegram are synched over the cloud, so you will have the option to access your messages through more than one device at once. Even though it does not come with its own app store, but it surely has its own sticker store and Bots platform like Facebook Messenger.

3. Google Allo

If you want you can also make use of Google Allo when it comes to iMessage alternatives. This is a revolutionary app because you get so many options here while you are using it, like for example, look up news, watch YouTube videos, weather info, many points of interest, flight details, and so much more. The best part is that you can features which enable you to play with Google Assistant, play games incorporate the shout or whisper message feature from iMessage. So, needless to say, Google Allo is a good match or a replacement for iMessage.

4. Pushbullet

Next in line is Pushbullet, even though it is used as a tool for sharing files, notification mirroring capabilities, people often use it to send a message from a PC or Mac. The interesting past about Pushbullet is that it not only lets you share messages but also supports different messaging apps like WhatsApp. In a way, it is to say that whichever messaging app that you might be using, Pushbullet will let you send text messages from PC or Mac. This software is available on macOS, Windows, Chrome, Firefox, and even Safari.

5.  WhatsApp Messenger

You must have heard of WhatsApp Messenger because it is one of the most widely used instant messaging app at the moment. You get the feature to enable the desktop clients for Windows and macOS. You get to share messages, voice, video calls, and transfer files. It has become so much that everyone is on it and it seems like social suicide to not be on it.

So, these were some of the iMessage alternatives. I hope your problem was solved and now you have a clear mind as to which to use. All of them mentioned here are equally good and possess many versatile features. What are your views on it? How did you like them?

Do let us know about your review. I would be glad to know, and if you have any doubts/queries, then you can share them with me by shooting me an email or leaving them in the comment section down below. All you have to do is message me, and I will be there. As easy as that!

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