How to Start Mac in Safe Mode – Complete Guide

Before we get to the part of the question, let us first answer the question as to why to start your Mac in Safe Mode for those of you wondering. Even I didn’t know at first, but I researched and found a good enough reason behind it. There are many people who do this, so you are not the only one. The safe mode present in Mac works to minimize the application that you have present on your system. Here is a complete guide on How to Start Mac in Safe Mode.

It also helps you to identify any issues that might pop up and where they are coming from. The process of starting your Mac and running in the safe mode has been given a name called safe boot. If you boot your Mac in Safe Mode, then it will not restrict any of your applications.

This process will also check through your startup drives to ensure if there are any existing problems.

Sometimes there is a fault in your system which restricts you from using your Mac at all. But if you use your Mac in safe mode, then your system will work with macOS core processes in order to get back into the system and hunt for the problems. This error could be because of floating extensions or rogue applications that can be removed easily.

This sure does seem like a fair deal, right? Running your system in safe mode clears out a lot of problems, making it a quick and easy one. I am entirely in favor of this, are you?

How to Start Mac in Safe Mode

Now that one part of the question was discussed let us get to the next section and that is start mac in safe mode. Don’t worry it is not a tough one. The steps mentioned are easy to understand. Just sit back and get your reading goggles.

The steps to how to start mac in safe mode are as follows:

  • First of all, prompt your Mac to restart. In case your Mac is switched on then you will have to start with the process of restarting it. Then only will you be able to access the Safe Mode? After this, you will be required to click on the Apple menu.
  • Click Restart when you are prompted to.
  • If your Mac is already off, then you will only have to press the “Power” button to start up your system.
  • Now you will have to press and hold the shift key. Let me explain more, as soon as your system starts restarting, hold down your shift key, and don’t let go.
  • If you are a user who uses Bluetooth Keyboard, then make sure that you press the shift key only after the boot-up sound or after the Apple logo appears.
  • The next step in how to start in safe mode involves you to wait for the login screen to pop up. It will only take one to two minutes.

  • The next step asks you to release the shift key. As soon as the login screen appears, your mac would be running in Safe Mode which means that now you can release the shift key.
  • Now everything is easy peasy lemon squeezy. You will now have to log in to your Mac by selecting your user account. Enter your account password and go ahead. If your system had FileVault enabled, you will be required to log in to unlock your Mac’s startup disk.
  • Next, in safe mode, troubleshoot the program problems. In case if you are facing issues with your Mac’s startup sequence or general operation then observe if these problems stay in the Safe Mode. If it does not then this means that one of the mac’s programs is at fault.

  • Now you have to disable startup programs. When you are in safe in Safe Mode, it would be wise that you remove any problematic or resource-heavy programs from the list of startup items. What it will do is enhance the boot-up at a higher rate. You can go ahead and remove problematic applications such as third-party antivirus suites or stubborn programs in safe mode.
  • Don’t worry we are almost at the end of how to start your mac in safe mode. This step asks you to restart your mac to exit safe mode. Since I shared how to start the safe mode, I will share how to exit it too. Whenever you are done using the safe mode then go ahead and click on the Apple Menu and then restart. Follow the on-screen prompts that you get and you will see that your system restarts into its regular mode.

So, these were some steps that you should follow if you are wondering how to start mac in safe mode. As I said, these are easy and quick to understand.

Before we reach the end, let us see what are the things that a safe mode does and does not do?

A Safe Mode will perform a checkup and restrict some software from loading automatically or opening when you start up your Mac. If you are booting your system in Safe Mode then you should know that only the essential kernel extensions like ketxs, or hardware and software drives are loaded. No kind of startup apps and login apps or services are loaded. Fonts that you have downloaded manually will not be loaded as well.

So, what exactly can you do in safe mode? Not much other than repairing the problems as mentioned above.

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