How to Save iPhone Battery Life in 2020

How to Save iPhone Battery Life in 2020

When your iPhone is new, its battery will last for 24 hours with moderate usage. But making calls, streaming videos, listening to music, and other active usages can cause your battery to drain faster. Once the battery is low, you are in danger of losing access to its features, which includes email, phone calls, GPS, and many more. 

iOS 13 Battery Drain issues

One of the most common problems of an iPhone battery is its fast drainage. The main reasons for this are hunting Wi-Fi signal updating an app trawling for new stories. All of these can drain your battery life without providing you with any benefit.

Here in this article, we are sharing how to fix iOS 13 Battery Drain issues and other battery problems. Also, we will share some tips to Save iPhone Battery Life.

How to Save iPhone Battery Life

Here are some tips which help to minimize the battery drain. These tips can help you to fix and extend the life of your iPhone battery immediately. By making some fundamental changes in the way you use the iPhone, battery life can be saved. These quick fixes can add more minutes to the batteries life span.

Closing apps properly

Apps are the things that can drain your battery fast. When they are running in the background, your phone continually searches for a Wi-Fi signal.

So, closing the apps properly helps to retain battery life. Some particular apps can drain your battery faster than others. You need to be attentive while using those apps and close them properly after usage.

Turning down screen brightness

Turning down screen brightness iphone

Screen brightness is necessary only when you are using your phone on a sunny day. You can minimize screen brightness when you are using it indoor or when you are using it on a typical day. It can help to save your battery life.

You can reduce the brightness to the lowest point at which you can see the activity you are doing on your phone.

Turning off location services

iPhone automatically uses its built-in GPS with 3G and Wi-Fi to give you an accurate location of the device.

Many applications use GPS service, which will ultimately affect battery life. Disabling the location service or minimizing its use can help to save battery life to a greater extent.

You can turn it on whenever you need it, and hence this app will not keep working in the background without your knowledge.

Avoiding poor reception areas

An iPhone will use more power to maintain regular connections. This drains the battery very fast. So it would help if you avoided areas which have poor reception or no reception at all. You must be vigilant of the signal strength indicated on the top of your iPhone Screen.

When you get the lowest amount of bars, it is the indication that there is less strength in signal. In such cases, you can put your mobile in airplane mode to avoid battery drainage.

 Setting auto-lock to 30 seconds

This is the best method to save batteries life. When the iPhone goes to standby mode, it can conserve the battery’s life. So, when you are not using, you can help to save battery life by setting the auto-lock to 30 seconds. It not only helps to increase battery life but also the overall life of your iPhone.

 You can go to the display and brightness settings from where you can set auto-lock. There are many intervals available such as 30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes, 3 minutes, 4 minutes, 5 minutes, and never. You should choose as per your preference and usage.

Extra tips for longer battery life

  • Always fully charge your iPhone after having a complete rundown.
  • It would be best if you used your phone in the optimal operating temperature, which is between zero and 35-degree centigrade.
  • You should store the iPhone not exceeding -20 degrees centigrade.
  • You should disable some app-specific notifications.
  • Disabling Bluetooth, when not in use, helps to save battery life.

Also, check your network settings and also check WiFi connection issues.


How do I maximize battery life on my iPhone?

Ans: To maximize battery life on the iPhone, you need to minimize brightness, turn off GPS, and put your phone on airplane mode when there is no proper signal.

How do I save battery on iOS 13?

Ans: Saving battery on iOS 13 is a simple process. Close the applications that are left idle correctly so that they will not run on the background and consume your battery.

Does iOS 13 drain battery?

Ans: Yes, an IOS 13 can drain the battery when you are in places without a proper signal when the brightness on your screen is more and when you have apps running on the background without a proper closure when you are not using them.

Why does iOS 13 drain battery?

Ans: There are many reasons for battery drain. They are using mobile on high brightness, improper closure of apps, and staying in places without a proper reception of signals.

There are several things one can do to conserve battery life and get the most out of a single charge. With an iPhone, you enjoy both the looks and productivity of the device. An iPhone is suitable for both business and fun. But you have to face a common issue which is unpleasant, that is limited battery life. It depends on the iPhone generation and your treatment.

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