How To Remove Mackeeper From Mac

MacKeeper is the most advanced application developed for Apple devices. MacKeeper software application is designed to speedup Mac performance. It is available for both online and offline use, with the advanced utilities and tools. If you are unhappy with Mackeeper and want to Remove Mackeeper From Mac then read this guide.

MacKeeper is professional software that will remove all the cache from your system and increase the performance of your Mac.

What is the Mackeeper program in Mac?

Developed by Zeobit and now owned by Kromtech, Mackeeper is one of the more commonly encountered third party software marketed as a collection of utilities, apps, and services that can keep your Mac clean and protected from viruses. But more than helping it disrupts the functioning of the Mac placing annoying and data consuming ads everywhere. Frustrated by its over-aggressive marketing, most Apple users want to remove it from their system.

Remove Mackeeper From Mac

One of the significant problems with Mackeeper is that while it’s easy to install, getting rid of it is a problematic matter altogether. You can’t just simply drag it to the trash and uninstall it like all other Mac apps. But you don’t have to worry. This tutorial will teach you how to remove Mackeeper from your MAC and get rid of it forever.

If you’ve previously used some of MacKeeper’s services, do the following:

  • You need to use MacKeeper’s Data Encryptor to decrypt all of your files if in the past

If you’ve used any of MacKeeper’s encryption utility to protect any files,

  • Same with backups. If you have used MacKeeper’s backups make sure before removing Mackeeper you have any copies of your backups.
  • If you’re haven’t activated or signed on to any of Mackeeper’s services, you can just select Quit from the MacKeeper menu.

MacKeeper will be moved to the Trash. Then the MacKeeper website will open in your browser, confirming that the app was uninstalled.

  • If you’ve activated MacKeeper utility you need to first quit the menu bar service that MacKeeper runs.
  • For this, go to Preferences from the MacKeeper menu, and then select the General icon.

  • Then remove the checkmark from the “Show MacKeeper icon in menu bar” item.
  • You can now quit Mackeeper as a window will open asking for a reason for uninstalling MacKeeper. Seeing this, just click the Uninstall MacKeeper button.
  • MacKeeper will then uninstall the services and utilities you have activated or installed in your MAC.

The above steps will remove almost all working components of the MacKeeper installed on your Mac, All you need to do now is manually delete the rest of it.

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How to remove MacKeeper from your Mac manually

  • You need to head to Finder and then Applications.
  • Open MacKeeper and then quit it with a keyboard shortcut (CMD + Q)

  • Following this, you need to drag MacKeeper to the Trash. Right-clicking on it and selecting Move to Trash will also do.
  • Then, enter the administrator password twice when you are asked to confirm the deletion.

Even after this, if you check the Library folder, you can see some hidden service files related to MacKeeper that is still remaining. To clean them up to the following

  1. Open Finder. From the Menu Bar click Go and Go to Folder.
  2. Type in a search field ~/Library/ and click Go.
  3. Within the Library folder, you need to delete all the files and folders that you find having MacKeeper in their names. Mostly, they are stored in the following subfolders:
  • ~/Library/Application Support
  • ~/Library/Caches
  • ~/Library/LaunchAgents
  • ~/Library/LaunchDaemons
  • ~/Library/Preferences

Finally, MacKeeper has been uninstalled on your computer.

How to remove MacKeeper from your keychain Entry

Since you want to get rid of every part of MacKeeper on your Mac, let’s delete keychain entry which your Mac might have generated when you created an account.

  • You should Launch Keychain Access which is located at /Applications/Utilities.
  • Then in the upper left corner of the Keychain Access window, you need to check that the lock icon is in the unlocked position.
  • If it’s locked, click on the icon and enter your administrator password.
  • Once the lock opens, you should enter Mackeeper in the Search bar.
  • Then delete any password matches that are found.
  • Finally, quit the Keychain Access.
  • Now your Mac should be free of all components of MacKeeper.

How to remove MacKeeper from Safari

Select ‘Safari > Preferences…’ from the Safari menu bar.

  • Select the ‘Extensions’ tab.
  • If you spot an extension that you definitely didn’t install, then select that extension from the left-hand menu and then click the ‘Uninstall’ button.

How to delete your cookies associated with MacKeeper

  • Select ‘Preferences…’ from the Safari menu bar.
  • Select the ‘Privacy’ tab.
  • Give the ‘Manage Website Data…’ button a click.
  • Perform a search for “MacKeeper.”
  • Select any results that appear, and then click the ‘Remove’ button.

How to delete your cache related to Mackeeper

  • Navigate to Safari’s ‘Safari > Preferences… > Advanced’ tab.
  • Select the ‘Show Develop menu in menu bar’ checkbox.
  • Close Safari’s ‘Preferences’ menu.
  • Select the new ‘Develop’ menu from the Safari menu bar, and then select ‘Empty Caches.’

How to remove Mackeeper from Chrome

  • You can open Google Chrome and click the “Chrome menu
  • Once you click on
  • the drop-down menu, selectMore Tools” and choose “Extensions”. There you need to for look for any recently-installed add-ons which seem highly suspicious.
  • When located, click the “Trash” button next to it, and it will be gone.

How to remove Mackeeper from Mozilla

  • First, you should open your Mozilla Firefox browser.
  • At the top right corner of the screen, click the “Open Menu” (three horizontal lines) button.
  • From the opened menu, choose “Add-ons“.Choose the “Extensions” tab and look for any recently-installed suspicious add-ons.
  • When located, click the “Remove” button next to it/them.

How to remove MacKeeper in Mac with App Cleaner & Uninstaller

  1. You first Download App Cleaner & Uninstaller from this LINK (
  2. Then launch the program to start scanning all your applications.
  3. Locate MacKeeper in the list of apps and click the Remove Service Files button.
  4. Now App Cleaner & Uninstaller will remove Mackeeper from your system.

Final Thoughts

Mackeeper is a poorly built software and removing it from your Mac is a wise decision. Now enjoy a better and lighter functioning system without annoying ads and potential spamware!

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