Mirror iPhone To a Mac

2 Ways to Mirror iPhone to a Mac in 2020

We often come across a situation where we want to have our iPhone stuff onto our Mac. You can easily Mirror iPhone To a Mac. There are some apps using which, you can access your iPhone on Mac. Also using Quicktime Player, you can mirror your iPhone. Read the below article.

For broad user experience, we need to know about this mirroring. So let’s dig deeper and get to know how to do it in the best possible ways.

Simple Method to Mirror iPhone To a Mac

Although iPhone devices are pretty much equipped with several needed functionalities. But as it is limited to being a handheld device, we need to know how to mirror iPhone on a Mac device. Simply follow the steps as given below to achieve the same.

We are going to use a method of “Reflector Application” here.

  • You need to download an application known as Reflector 3 on your Mac (Other versions also available).

  • Next, you need to launch this application.
  • Open content on your iPhone that allows for AirPlay.
  • Hit the AirPlay button which is a symbol of a computer with a solid triangle at the bottom.
  • You will be asked what you want to AirPlay to?
  • Choose your Mac device name.
  • The iPhone will ask for a code.
  • Enter the code displaying on your Mac.
  • After the AirPlay code is entered on the iPhone, the content will be shown.
  • Now you can easily see the chosen iPhone content mirrored on your Mac.

How to screen mirror iPhone to MacBook wirelessly?

There are different ways of iPhone mirroring. Some of them require a physical connection between the two devices while some others can be performed wirelessly. The method as explained above comes under the category of wireless mirroring. So whenever you desire to do iPhone mirroring in an easy & wireless, you can follow this method.

Mirror iPhone to Mac QuickTime

This is another method of iPhone mirroring on Mac. This method requires a physical connection between the iPhone and Mac. You need to use the lightning cable that came along with your phone. The new model iPhone users can also rather use lightning to USB adapter for the execution of this process.

  • Create a physical connection between the iPhone and Mac using the cable as mentioned earlier.
  • Now open QuickTime Player on your Applications folder. You can also search QuickTime in case you couldn’t find it.
  • Navigate File > New Movie Recording.

  • Click OK give to give the microphone access permission (when asked).
  • Click OK again to give the camera access permission.
  • You will be prompted to the Movie Recording interface.
  • Tap the down arrow given at the right of the Record icon.
  • From the Camera section, select iPhone.

  • The QuickTime player will instantly expand to display the content of the iPhone screen.
  • You can also record the content being mirrored. Simply use the recording tools of the QuickTime player.
  • Close the QuickTime Player application to stop the mirroring.

Control iPhone from Mac

While using Instagram on the iPhone, sometimes we wish for a bigger screen experience. It is possible with the help of the iPhone mirroring. The methods as mentioned above can be used for the same.

All you need to do is to choose the iPhone content that you want to project. After that follow the aforementioned methods to control the iPhone from your Mac.

Screen Mirroring iPhone

The second aforementioned method helps your project your iPhone screen on the Mac. Such projection is known as Screen Mirroring. Here the physical connection between the two devices is required to be established.


In this blog post, we presented a short, useful tutorial for iPhone mirroring on Mac. These methods can really help you out and save a fortune for you. They are easy to understand and execute.

Using these approaches, you can control your iPhone through Mac. We recommend you to give it a try. We hope these methods pretty well work out for you.

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