How To Connect Airpods to Mac and iPhone

How To Connect Airpods to Mac and iPhone

Airpods are getting popular day by day due to its efficiency and intuitive connection. So if you have AirPod or AirPod Pro, and MacBook, and want to use them together, we have got a solution for you.

In this blog post today, we are going to explain how to connect AirPods and AirPods Pro to MacBook. We will also explain some troubleshooting solutions to the issues related to it. Let’s get started.

How to Connect AirPods to MacBook?

Here’s how you can connect AirPods to MacBook or MacBook Pro.

At first, open the AirPods case.

On the back of the case, press and hold down the pairing button. 

Now go to the Apple menu and click System Preferences.

Tap Bluetooth.

From the list of devices, choose AirPods and hit Pair. 

AirPods are now connected to your MacBook.

How to connect AirPods pro to Mac? 

If you want to connect AirPods Pro to Mac, then follow the steps as given below.

First of all, turn your AirPods on.

Next, pop them into your ears and turn your Mac on.

At the top right corner of the menu bar, you can see all the active connections and settings on your Mac.

active connections

Find the name of your AirPods and tap it. Now the AirPods and Mac are connected successfully.

Fix AirPods connection failed MacBook pro 

When you are trying to connect AirPods and getting messages like “Couldn’t connect to the devices.” It indicates a connectivity issue. Here’s the list of some solutions to fix it.

Turn the AirPods and Mac off – first your Mac and then AirPods. It may solve the issue.

In the upper right, head up to the Bluetooth symbol. Choose turn Bluetooth off. Turn Bluetooth on again. Repeat the process until the issue goes away.

turn Bluetooth off

If you have an iPhone/iPad connected to your account, go to the Bluetooth section of your iOS device. Check your AirPods device listed and choose them to tap the option to forget this device. Then connect back to your iPhone and repeat it.

forget this device

Can AirPods be connected to Mac and iPhone? 

Apple makes it easier to connect AirPods to iPhone devices. It helps you connect it to the Apple ID and makes the connection faster for you. If you have a brand new AirPods, here’s how you can connect AirPods to iPhone.

First, unlock your iPhone device.

Hold down your AirPods close to the iPhone.

Now open the lid of AirPods case.

Let the iPhone recognize your AirPods.

Let the iPhone recognize your AirPods

Finally, follow the on-screen instructions to connect AirPods to iPhone.

Final Words

These all are working methods to connect Airpods to Mac and iPhone. If you are facing any issue while following these steps then comment below or contact us.

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