How To Clear Up Space On Mac in 2020

When there isn’t enough disk space on your Mac device, a warning message pops up saying “Your startup disk is almost full“. It happens when there are many files and programs on your device. This issue is often referred to as ” Startup disk full notification”.

The lack of space eventually leads to slow performance and instability in your system. In addition to that, it can also hamper the smooth launch of an application including a sudden crash or completely ceasing to work.

In this blog post today we will let you know how to deal with this issue. Whether you are tech-savvy or not the tips included here can save a fortune for you. So let’s dig deeper to know how to clear up space on Mac.

How to check disk space on Mac?

First of all select Apple Menu > About This Mac and then tap Storage. It provides an overview of available storage space on your Mac. Space used by different files also be displayed in a colour-coded format.

How to clear up space on Mac?

There are a variety of ways by which you can clear up space on your Mac.

#1. Find redundant files and delete

The duplicate files often take up unnecessary disk space. If you find redundant files, delete them and you can save a considerable amount of space for sure. It is one of the quickest methods of clearing up space for your Mac.

But it’s quite impossible to find the redundant files and then remove them. No worries! You have a third-party tool named – “Duplicate Sweeper” to does this job for you.

Clear Up Space On Mac

#2. Remove unnecessary desktop files and screensavers

Most of us have a bad habit of keeping files on our desktop. Such unnecessary files and screensavers are silent disk space consumers. We don’t even recognize the noticeable change it can bring.

So if you have a chunk of unnecessary files pasted on your desktop it’s high time you get rid of them. Users are also obsessed with catchy screensavers and keep time on the desktop screen. It’s not a healthy practice if you want your Mac to have a life a little longer than usual.

#3. Uninstall the unnecessary applications

There are so many applications that are hardly used but are installed on our Mac devices. Simply uninstall these unnecessary applications to clear up your Mac in the best way possible.

#4. Use Mac storage services

If you have a huge amount of files but don’t have any space to keep them, you should consider Mac storage services. There are plenty of Mac storage services that provide free cloud space for you.

Some of the files that are important can be transferred to the cloud storage space. It will clear out a lot of disk space on your Mac.

#5. Delete caches and other temporary files

Caches and temporary files are automatically generated whenever we perform a certain function on our computer system. But sometimes such files turn into a big pile of junk.

These temporary files and caches must be removed from time to time. In this way, you can clean up unnecessarily allocated Mac disk space.

#6. Empty your Mac Trash Bin

When you delete a file or a program it directly goes to the computer’s trash bin. We often forget to clean up the same and in turn occupying unnecessary space. Therefore it is advisable to empty your Mac trash bin every now and then.

#7. Clean up big attachments in Mac Mail

Sometimes when we keep the big attachment files in Mac mail it also occupies lots of unnecessary disk space. You should consider cleaning mail downloads in order to get the best end results.

You can also change the mail settings to not download the attachments automatically. In this way, the unwanted attachments won’t be downloaded and will save your disk space.

#8. Clear up the Downloads folder

If your web browser is set to download stuff automatically the downloads folder will surely be filled up with lots of junk. It is advisable to clear up the download folder every now and then.

#9. When nothing works – get an external storage device

In case none of the above methods works out for you simply purchase an external storage device for yourself. You can transfer all of your important files and programs into the external storage in order to save space on your Mac.

Best App to clean Mac

Here’s the list of some top applications to clean Mac.

#1. CleanMyMac X

It helps you clean unwanted files, partial downloads, and caches. This power-packed Mac cleaning tool comes up with lots of features to deal with hogged RAM.

#2. Disk Clean Pro

This cleaning tool helps you optimize your Mac by removing duplicate files. Its one-click feature helps you recover valuable space on your computer. With the help of its optimization feature, you can easily find redundant files.

#3. CCleaner for Mac

CCleaner is one of the most popular cleaning tools among others. It scans and removes junk & unwanted files to make your Mac faster. With the ability to manage login items it speeds up the boot time.

#4. Smart Mac Care

This is another Mac cleaning tool that helps you remove clutter from your system. It possesses a variety of advanced features to improve your system’s performance efficiently.

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