Carbon Cloner Copy For Mac – Best Backup App for Your Mac

Carbon Cloner Copy is nothing but a bootable backup solution for Mac. It acts as a savior in case of any issue prevailed on your operating system. With ordinary backups, you can never get your work done quickly.

In this blog post today, we are going to discuss Carbon Copy Cloner for Mac, its features, and how to use it. So without any further delay, let’s get started.

What is Carbon Copy Cloner? 

As mentioned earlier, it is a bootable backup available for Mac. Such backups are better than ordinary backups, and all your data can be preserved on a bootable volume.

It helps you replace the failed hard drive at your convenience and replace all of your stuff in one easy step.


Here’s the list of updated features of Carbon Cloner for Mac. Let’s have a look.

  • It gives quick and smart updates.
  • CCC has bootable backups.
  • You can create a backup anywhere like an external drive or another Mac device.
  • It has full support for all snapshots on Apple’s new APFS file system. This snapshot support feature is the latest feature, among others.
  • Another latest feature is – “Task Grouping and Sorting.”
  • Backup Notifications.
  • You can now also schedule your backup.
  • It has a smarter safety net.
  • It possesses task history, disk center, and menu bar app.
  • It is very efficient and intuitive.
  • Guided setup and restore.
  • Cloning coach, task outlook, and simple mode.
  • Best in class customer support.
  • CCC has localized documentation and the best knowledge base with video tutorials.
  • It has advanced file filtering.
  • It’s household license lets you run CCC everywhere.
  • It allows a simplified remote Mac setup.
  • It gives backup health checkups and other fabulous goodies.

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How to use Carbon Copy Cloner on Mac?

A backup application can save your stuff. Such CCC bootable backup will save your productivity too. The guide below will let you know how to get your first backup copy via Carbon Copy Cloner for Mac. Let’s have a look.

Step 1. Connect a backup disk 

Firstly attach a backup disk to your computer.

Step 2. Format the disk 

Before using a new disk for Mac, you should format the attached CD to initialize it with the correct format via the Disk Utility application.

Step 3. Open the Carbon Copy Cloner 

Next step is to open the Carbon Copy Cloner application by navigating Applications -> Carbon Copy Cloner. When you launch your CCC for the first time, it will guide you through the first task setup. In the CCC toolbar, tap Options to skip it.

Step 4. Choose the Source 

Now choose the source by clicking the dotted box under SOURCE to view available sources. From the menu of available volumes, select the disk for source.

Step 5. Choose the Destination 

Now under DESTINATION, tap the dotted box to choose your new backup drive. You can select the disk from the available list of volumes.

Step 6. Start the Clone 

Tap Clone to start the clone. When the first time you run a backup task, CCC will prompt you to authenticate to install its privileged helper tool. This tool will perform privileged tasks like copy system files, etc.

Step 7. Your first clone is in progress

After the above steps, your first clone begins. And that’s how you get your first Carbon Copy Cloner for Mac.

How to Download Copy Cloner for Mac? 

Follow the step by step guide as given below to download Carbon Copy Cloner for Mac.

  • First of all, visit
  • You can either buy or download a 30-days free trial version.

  • If you want to buy it, then scroll down the homepage and tap Buy Now.
  • Next, allow the download to complete and open the CCC zip file in the Downloads folder.
  • Finally, open CCC to let it go to the Applications folder automatically.

Once done, you can find Carbon Cloner Copy in your applications. Open it and start using it.

If you are facing any trouble in the process then comment below. We will help you.

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