Best Text Editors for Mac

Best Text Editors for Mac You Should Know in 2019

Have you ever tried finding best Text Editor for Mac? Here we are sharing some best Text Editors for Mac that you can use for almost every task from writing to coding.

Text editing is a significant part of a programmer’s life. This is even more important for Mac users who are used to work in a user-friendly environment. Therefore a good text editor is required for Mac. There are so many text editors in the market; some of them are paid while some are free.

The main focus of any text editor is to provide the best user experience with coding and writing on your computer. Now, every operating system has a default text editor. Windows has Notepad and Mac has TextEdit. But they don’t have all the features. Today we are writing about the Best Mac Text Editors to Use in 2019.

You can use these Mac Text Editors to edit the text file, programming, and taking notes.

There are hundreds of text editors available for Windows and macOS. But it’s impossible to decide which one is the best text editor for Mac. Different users have different requirements.

How To Choose A Text Editor For Mac

Text editors come with many features and tools that can be used for writing code or articles.

iMacBlack sharing some best text editors in its ever-expanding collection of articles.

We are presenting some best text editors for the mac users.

A good text editor is one of the most important applications for any operating system. Thankfully there many free text editors out there for Windows as well as Mac.

List of Best Text Editors for Mac OS

A text editor does exactly what it says. But wait I have a way to edit text. It’s Microsoft Word or Pages, or you use an alternative that is the Internet, such as Dropbox Paper or Google Docs. There are no toolbars, no adjusting the margins you and your words or code. This is a necessity for composing in HTML, CSS, or other programming languages.

1. Sublime Text 3

Sublime Text 3 is considered one of the most usable text editors available on Mac. Due to its advanced features like highlighting and folding text, a rich level of custom ability and easy navigating interface, multiple selections, powerful API and package ecosystem, and more it is considered famous. One of its best features is “Goto Anything,” and as the name suggests, the feature allows you to jump to symbols, lines, or words that you are searching for. Besides, it has features like split editing, Goto Definition, Command Palette, batch editing, and instant project switch and you have one of the most powerful text editors out there.


  • Easy to use
  • Feature-packed
  • Customization options
  • Ability to assign custom keyboard shortcuts
  • Fast and smooth
  • Cross-platform


  • Pricey
  • Some plugins affect performance

Download: (Free trial, $80)

2. Brackets

Brackets are an open-source and free text editor designed by Adobe Systems and are maintained on GitHub presently. It is available since 2014, and it is updated regularly. This editor is written in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Being a cross-platform application, it is supported on all platforms. The bracket supports multiple file formats like C++, C, VB Script, Java, JavaScript, HTML, Python, Perl, and Ruby.

This text editor Mac has impressive functionality. They include Quick Edit, which allows for inline editing of CSS, Color Property, and JavaScript elements; and Live Preview, which puts code edits instantly to the browser, presenting an updated webpage as the code is changed. Live Preview is based on a Node.js backend, which predicts what the code does as the developer types the code.

Other functions are element highlighting, where elements selected in HTML and CSS files are highlighted within the browser; and Split View, which creates splits of windows either vertically or horizontally.


  • Open-source and free
  • Various free extensions
  • Feature-rich
  • Cross-platform
  • Lightweight


  • Aimed mostly at front-end developers
  • Lacks a few useful text editor commands

Download: (Free)

3. UltraEdit

UltraEdit is one of the most versatile text editors for Mac. UltraEdit Text Editor supports many different languages like C, Objective C, JavaScript, XML, PHP, Perl, Python, and more. The software comes with different features like support for large files (>4GB), syntax highlighting for multiple languages, multi-caret editing, multi-selection capabilities, a very robust search, integrated FTP, support for 4K and Apple Retina display, and more.


  • Supports different languages
  • Handles large files very well
  • Reliable and regularly updated
  • Fast and easy to use


  • Costly
  • Some features available to purchase separately

Download: (Free Trial, $99.95 – comes with Ultra Compare)

4. Visual Studio Code

Developed by Microsoft, Visual Studio Code is one of the best text editors that you can get for Mac. This editor is designed with features and is optimized for Mac, so it doesn’t lag in MacOs. The main features of Visual Studio Code are the ability to highlight syntax for more than 30 different languages, lightning-fast source-code editor, keyboard-centric code editing approach, automatic real-time API description, Git control, IntelliSense for smart completions based on variable types, Debugging support, and more.

Visual Studio Code comes with support for extensions and big extension library, which aids to customize the interface according to your workflow. Some of the popular extensions are Git Lens, Sublime Text Keymap, Azure Storage, Angular Essentials, Vim, and Debugger for Chrome.


  • Support for most languages
  • Various plugins available
  • Good performance
  • Great UI
  • Free to use
  • Monthly updates


  • You have to install a lot of plugins to make it feature-rich
  • A bit of a learning curve
  • Can be buggy at times

Download: (Free)

5. Atom

Atom is an open-source text editor for Mac, designed in Node.js and maintained by GitControl. It is a versatile text editor as it can be used as a text editor or source code editor. With the help of plugins, it supports many different languages such as HTML, CSS, C/C++, Objective-C, Java, Go, C#, JavaScript, Python, PHP, Perl, XML, Mustache, Clojure, Ruby, and several more, making it a useful tool for the modern developer.

Some of its important characteristics are multi-tabbed editing, auto-completion, multiple panes, a file system browser, good navigation options, and a package manager.

Its User Interface is friendly, and it comes with several different themes that permit the user to select its visual environment.


  • Open-source and free
  • Feature-rich
  • Nice UI
  • Customization options
  • Tons of packages available


  • A lot of packages can slow it down
  • Can be a resource hog

Download: (Free)

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