10 Best iPhone 12 Screen Protectors You Can Buy

As many iPhone lovers have been waiting for the latest version of the iPhone for quite some time, Apple has recently launched the new iPhone 12 series, followed by a blooming reveal. This time Apple has brought in a new reformed design highlighting flat sides in the streak of earlier versions such as iPhone 4, 5, and the new iPad Pro. It also offers svelte bezels, a tapering notch, 5G Support, and an impressive A14 Bionic processor. It’s precisely the kind of phone that you want to have in the year 2020. Although, after having Corning’s Ceramic Shield Glass, its crisp display is still quite prone to impairment. That’s why we have gathered some of the best screen protector options for you so you won’t have to face any issue concerning the imperishability and stability of your new iPhone 12.

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Best iPhone 12 Screen Protectors

We have rounded up some of the most acceptable Screen Protector options for your new iPhone 12. Let’s begin and find out what is best for you.

#1. Mkeke

The reason behind getting a screen protector for your phone is simply the concern of protecting your screen from damage. Mkeke screen protector comes with a hardness rating of 9H and. It is available in a pack of three, including an installation frame, cleaning cloth, and a guide stick so you can make sure there are no bubbles between the screen and the protector glass. It is also immune to knife scratches and fingerprint resistance and offers complete touchscreen sensitivity to maintain your experience while using your iPhone.

#2. LK

The LK tempered-glass screen protector comes with a 9H rating. The cover is scratch and splintered proof. It provides protection from slight clutters and immense impairment, such as tumbles and a mishap. Apart from protecting your phone’s screen, it also features an anti-spy coating that forestalls individuals to view your phone’s display contents from an angle. It offers two protectors for your new phone’s camera lenses to ensure protection and smooth camera performance.

#3. ESR

It is available in a pack of three, and it also has a hardness rating of 9H. It is created with three layers to provide the utmost protection for your iPhone with a claim from the ERS that it can easily resist the weight up to 5 kilograms, which is approximately 11 Pounds, making it less prone to screen damage. It is also scratch-resistant and is available with a cleaning kit and an installation frame.

#4. Floveme

Floveme screen protector for iPhone 12 is one of the slimmest protectors with a 9H rating, and it is about 0.25mm thin. As it is quite slim, it offers a touchscreen accuracy of 99.99% and sufficient clarity on your phone screen. It consists of an oleophobic coating, which protects your phone screen from finger marks. It is available in a three-pack, including an imperative cleaning kit and an installation frame.

#5. Ailun

With a rating of 9H, Ailun is another thin screen protector measuring 0.33mm. It secures your iPhone display from the usual problems such as fingerprints on-screen, soiled spots, and water damage using hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings. It fits on your iPhone 12 perfectly, provides transparency of about 99.99%, and is available in a pack of three.


The omoton glass screen protector offers exact cutouts that help install the screen protector on your iPhone 12 accurately. The laser-cut dimensions, it ensures that there is no blockage with the phone camera and microphone. It can easily survive the falls and secure the phone from scuffs as well. It maintains the transparency of your phone for a better experience.

#7. UniqueMe

The name defines it as a unique screen protector among the thinnest screen protectors measuring at a notable 0.03mm. Regardless of being light, it is entirely adequate to face the impacts and scratches. It offers transparency up to 99.99% and keeps your experience unblemished while using your new iPhone 12.

#8. amFilm

amFilm has maintained its name in the service of providing excellent screen protectors, and It is one of the most well-known and trusted screen protectors among iPhone users. Providing a thin module of 0.33mm, allows you to access the phone screen with exceptional transparency. Regardless of the light module, it secures your iPhone 12 from damage, scratches, and the oleophobic coating protects your phone screen from fingerprints and oily spots.


If you are looking for something that guards your screen and protection for your camera lens, you ought to go for this one. QHOHQ offers three-pack screen protectors along with two-pack camera lens protectors. They are made of tempered glass and provide industry-standard hardness. They are also exceptional in delivering high-end screen sensitivity, and the lens protectors are constructed precisely not to impede the camera lenses.

#10. BAZO

If you are looking for something that delivers HD clarity on your screen display and protection from the shocks, BAZO is one good option for you. Constructed with tempered glass, it creates a sturdy shield to withstand any impact quite easily. Also, it prevents scratch marks, and its high sensitivity enables you to use the gestures efficiently.

Final Thoughts

If you are an iPhone user, you know that keeping your phone secured from damage, scratches, oil marks, and fingerprints are essential to use your new iPhone 12 efficiently. In this article, we have mentioned some of the best screen protectors that can help you ensure your iPhone’s safety. Please go through all the options mentioned above and then decide which one is best as per your requirements.

We hope that by reading our post, you will be able to find a perfect screen protector. We hope that we have guided you well and our post was informative. Thank you for reading.

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