Apple Watch Not Getting Notifications

How to Fix Apple Watch Not Getting Notifications

Apple Watch is a smartwatch, which is a confluence of health and fitness tracking with the integration of iOS and other Apple services. It features a variety of functionality that offers high-end technology as well as convenience.

If your iPhone is in sleep mode, you can check its notifications on your handy smartwatch. Pretty cool, right? But sometimes people come across an issue of Apple Watch not getting notifications. Today we are going to present some methods to fix Apple Watch not getting notifications

Are you facing any of these Apple Watch notification related issues?

  • Notifications are displayed only when the watch is unlocked, and you are wearing it.
  • If you are actively using the iPhone and meanwhile, you can’t get any notification.

Reasons for Apple Watch Not Getting Notifications

These are some possible reasons behind the stated issue.

  • Slow internet connection on the iPhone.
  • Outdated software.
  • Bluetooth connection issue.
  • Do Not Disturb is enabled.
  • Wrist Detection is on.

Solutions to fix Apple Watch Not Getting Notifications Error

Now let’s have a look at how to fix the issue of Apple Watch not getting notifications. 

Fix #1: Check your iPhone Internet Connection

To get active notifications on your Apple Watch, you need to have a good speed internet connection on your iPhone. So before trying out any other method to fix the issue, check your Internet connection first. If you have a good speed internet, and still, the problem persists, try out other methods given further.

Fix #2: Update iOS Software

Sometimes when your iOS is outdated and not updated to the latest version, you are likely to face the stated issue. Update your iOS and check if the problem is solved by now. If not, we have other ways to fix it. Follow these steps to check for software updates.

  • Go to My Watch on your iPhone.
  • Now go to General. 
  • Select Software Updates.
  • If any update is available, you can get it here.

Fix #3: Check your Bluetooth connection

The next thing to do is to check your Bluetooth connection. Your Apple Watch requires an active Bluetooth connection to receive notifications. Check if the iPhone is correctly connected to your Apple watch.

Fix #4: Disable Do Not Disturb Mode

When Do Not Disturb mode is enabled, the notifications will not display for sure. So just check whether this mode is enabled or not. Make sure your Apple Watch isn’t on Do Not Disturb Mode.

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Fix #5: Turn off Wrist Detection

Sometimes the Wrist Detection Mode is found to generate Apple Watch not getting notifications issue. So turn this off to fix the problem. Here’s how.

  • Open Watch App on iPhone.
  • Go to My Watch and click Passcode.
  • Now tap on Turn off Wrist Detection. 

  • Now your Apple Watch will receive all notifications.

Thanks for reading this tutorial. I hope it will help you to fix Apple Watch Issue.

If you are still facing the error then comment below.

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